TR Patmore- Writer

T.R. Patmore in fairy wings and a grin TR Patmore…

is a curly-haired, loud mouthed, New Jersey based, Latina writer, who says all the wrong things at all the right times. A vibrant storyteller, T.R.’s cinematic style captivates readers and audiences alike.

She is currently penning her first draft of a YA novel. A coming of age story on the cusp of science and magic featuring strong female characters, dazzling settings, friendship, and fairies!

There is no greater feeling than  immersing fully in a story. Hard to do without a character who looks like you, sounds like you, loves like you. Until our literature truly reflects the complexity of our society there will be readers out there without heroes. T.R is on a mission to create a broad cast of characters within her oeuvre. She especially focused on developing female characters who grow beyond the arcs our current romantic age expects.

T.R. is a compulsive crafter who loves vintage typewriters, reading Tarot Cards, and liberating curly girls from their flat irons.  Read more about what she does when she’s not writing in her blog at, or follow her on Instagram @TR_Patmore .





If you have any information concerning the whereabouts of TR Patmore’s fairy parents, please contact her as soon as possible at


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